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Executive Outcomes LLC.

Located in Shreveport, LA

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About Me

Sandy McDade, Owner & Political Consultant at Executive Outcomes LLC,.


Eagle Forum State Leader in Louisiana for 20 years.


National Eagle Forum Political Director


Political Consultant for 30 + years


For 10 years Sandy owns and operates one of the nation's premier political phone banking operations, based in Shreveport, which provides voter ID and Get Out The Vote services to elect conservative candidates.




Graduated from Highland High School, Monterey, Virginia


Studied at Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond, Oklahoma

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Sandy McDade

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Executive Outcomes LLC

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Whether you are running for School Board, Town Council, Sheriff, Mayor, Judge, State Delegate, State Representative, State Senator, Governor, Congress, or President; we can help you reach your constituents with the right message at the right time. We can enable you to reach out to your constituents anytime during your campaign.

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Owner/Political Consultant

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49 years old